Robert Oster - India Edition - Midnight Mumbai

Robert Oster - India Edition - Midnight Mumbai


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You'll probably just want to go to Australia once you see the range of colours available in Robert Oster inks. Just to see if they live up to their names. After all, who wouldn't want an ink called 'Australian Sky', especially if it's as bright a blue as the swatch suggests? Or 'Barossa Grape'? What a good excuse to wander through a winery. But if you're not quite up to the rigours of a long-haul flight, you could always stay closer to home and check out the turquoise of 'Torquay', or buy a ticket to 'Ryde', the rich green of hedgerows. They're not quite Melbourne or Sydney, but if you're an ink fiend they'll probably give you just as much pleasure.

Robert Oster's love of fountain pens resulted in the production of these inks, the contents and packaging of which are all nature-friendly. They really do reflect the vast palette of colours associated with Australia, which is why there are so many different shades!

Robert Oster has launched the first of the exclusive India Edition inks. This ink is Midnight Mumbai and is named after midnight skies in the never sleeping city of India.


  • Fountain Pen Friendly
  • Non toxic and pH neutral. All natural dyes. Water based. Flows smoothly and is fast drying.
  • Product Code: RO-55035
  • Brand: Robert Oster
  • Collection: Signature Ink
  • Ink Type: Non Shimmer Ink
  • Ink Name: Midnight Mumbai
  • Writing Colour: Blues & Teals
  • Ink Quantity – 50ML
  • Product Type: Ink Bottle
  • Made in Australia

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