Like Martin Luther King, a visionary group of Turkish entrepreneurs lead by Hayati V. Rodrik also had a dream, that one day all their children will live in a nation that will be proud it can choose to write with a writing instrument of impeccable quality produced entirely in Turkey.

      From the very beginning, Scrikss aimed at "effortless writing" with its instruments, as well as offering an exceptional quality transposed in a lifetime warranty (99 years) given to its products.

      With a Scrikss you can say without reservation "What I bought has value".

      Nowadays the Scrikss brand has become the undisputed leader in the Turkish market, being at the same time the largest manufacturer and distributor of writing instruments in the Asia Minor region.

      For these reasons we at Scrikss allow us to recommend you to buy Scrikss brand products, both as a special gift for your loved ones and for you. We want you to fully enjoy the quality and special design of our products. 

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