Writing ink and fountain pen ink

      Beautiful fountain pen ink - as an ink manufacturer, we naturally have a very special passion for it. So what could be more obvious than to develop our own writing ink for fountain pens, glass nibs and calligraphy nibs?

      “What started out as a good product is now becoming a passion of mine.” That’s what our chemist Dr. Kai-Oliver Schäfer said when he was developing these high-quality writing inks. “It’s no longer about writing something beautiful – it’s about beauty itself!”

      The parameters he used to assess the quality go beyond colour and saturation. With every lab-scale batch and every writing test, his requirements regarding pleasant shades, a low degree of fraying, optimum drying time, quick writing and smooth gliding increased and became an obsession.

      Our colour range now includes 22 strong and bright colours as well as 6 delicate pastel shades, 6 luminous neon inks and 9 document-proof writing inks. We are constantly developing our writing inks and new colours will expand our range.

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