This is PENLUX. A style to remember, a style for creativity.

      A PENLUX fountain pen is produced semi-manually and semi-automatically. This ensures that each PENLUX writing instrument retains the feel of handcraft, while at the same time having the precision of automatic production. Precious metals, pmma, celluloid or hard rubber are all materials that they produce and process professionally.

      PENLUX creates its own brand and makes the products they like. This is their constant plan and ideal. At Scrittura Elegante we only sell products that we are passionate about and that we like ourselves, so this philosophy really appeals to us.

      The first PENLUX pen we held in our hands gave us the emotion and feel of a finely handcrafted precision instrument. The volume and weight is very pleasant and we had not seen the materials anywhere else. Beautiful deep colors with refined combinations in the finish that harmonize with the material used. Even the fountain pens that we personally did not favor were so beautifully made and in such harmony that we could really enjoy them too. For example, how nice is it with a transparent pen that the piston system is visible but is completely finished in one color. A quality that we do not find in many brands. This shows a genuine passion for the execution of their product. It makes the pen personal.

      A robust solid piston filler for the enthusiast of a solid qualitative and elegant writing instrument.

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