Inks by Robert Oster are made in Australia. Inventing a private world where color and imagination were king and queen. That has never changed. Color - the enduring king - and imagination, its queen - live on. Robert Oster Signature® color collection, both in Fountain Pen Ink and™ products, embodies the ethics, the imagination and the very heart and soul of the maker. It is virtually impossible to speak of the brand without this living reference to he himself. He is the brand. The brand is him. What you see is what you get... an under- promised product and an over-delivered experience. From the start, the mantra has been “To exceed every expectation at every opportunity.” Robert Oster Signature® products are famously non-toxic and we are both pleased and proud to provide this information. An iconic Aussie product within just months of its first appearance, A world leader in its category. And a well behaved, colorful choice for all. Think Australia™ think Robert Oster. Indeed it is A drink for your pen®


      Australis Blacks & Darks Blues & Teals Christmas
      Coffees & Browns Greens Greys India
      Oranges Pinks Purples Red
      Yellows & Golds Cities of America Muddy Shake'N'Shimmy
      Ten Dollar Note USA    
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