Octopus Certified Document Inks - Black
Octopus Certified Document Inks - Black
Octopus Certified Document Inks - Black
Octopus Certified Document Inks - Black

Octopus Certified Document Inks - Black


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Document Inks for fountain pens

The development of our document inks for fountain pens took a total of 12 months. The focus was on selecting and testing the pigments to be used and their behaviour in the fountain pen, the flow properties during the writing process and the use of various additives to achieve the properties required for DIN ISO certification. The result is document-proof inks for fountain pens that differ significantly from inks already available on the market.

Ink development

The 9 different colours of Octopus Fluids "Document Inks" remain bright and luminous due to their pigmentation and adhesion promoters used. 
Conventional documentary inks often have only a very low pigment content. Most of their colouring is due to the additional dyes they contain. Dyes have the property of not being light-stable and therefore fade sooner or later. In the case of these document-fast inks, only the small amount of remaining pigments ensures document fastness, but the colour strength is lost. 
The Octopus Fluids "Document Inks", however, are more resistant to UV rays and do not lose any of their radiant colour strength even after a long time. We have not added any dyes and have used only the finest pigments. This ensures that writers can present their work over the long term without worrying about the colours fading or becoming illegible.

Certification of the document inks

The DIN ISO certification of our document inks was carried out by the independent Paper Technical Foundation (PTS). As part of the certification work, the document inks were tested for eraser resistance, ethanol resistance, hydrochloric acid resistance, ammonia resistance, bleach resistance, water resistance and light fastness. The tested fountain pen inks meet the requirements of the above-mentioned properties according to DIN ISO 12757-Part 2: 1999 (see PTS test report no. 45.240 dated 06.02.2023).
In Germany, the inks thus meet the requirements of the Dienstordnung für Notare/Notarinnen (DONot) (Service Regulations for Notaries), the requirements of the state ministries of justice, the Bundeshaushaltsordnung (Federal Budgetary Regulations), the Dienstanweisung für das Standesamtwesen (Service Regulations for Civil Registry Offices) and the requirements of the Bundesärztekammer (Federal Medical Association).


They are used in a similar way to standard fountain pen inks. They can be easily drawn from the 30 ml ink jars into a converter or filled into standard fountain pen cartridges using a syringe or needle bottle.
Please take care not to let the fountain pen dry out. As the inks are waterproof and permanent, the resistance will also show in the dried-up fountain pen. It will then take a great deal of effort to clean the fountain pen.

Octopus Fountain pen cleaning solution for pigmented inks is also available.

Now you just have to decide which colour you will use to sign your documents in future.


  • Special ingredient that ensures extra smooth writing and care for the fountain pen
  • Very smooth and well lubricated and has a fairly quick dry time.
  • Writing Colour: Black
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Ink Volume/Packaging: 30 ML
  • Special Vegan Formula
  • Brand Origin: Germany
  • Series: Classic Collection
  • Type: Ink Bottle
  • Made in Germany

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