Clairefontaine Fine Art 100% Cotton Art Print 10 Sheets

Clairefontaine Fine Art 100% Cotton Art Print 10 Sheets


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This 100% cotton paper of natural whiteness is specially conceived for print techniques and Art edition. Fleur de Coton is to say Cotton Flower has been developed to answer to soaking constraint and appropriate metal engraving going under the press. It is also well adapted to silkscreen print, engraving, lithography. This exceptional paper guarantees archiving work: acid free, pH neutral, with alkaline reserve to resist ageing and exempt from optical whiteners. This paper is made of long cotton fibers which give extra strength to the paper and a surface lightly textured. It allows a very good absorption of ink, even dry. Half sized (internally only at resin), it will resist to multiple ways under press.


  • Acid free and pH neutral
  • Suitable for Press, Silkscreen Printing, Engraving, Lithography
  • Binding: Loose Sheets
  • Ruling: Blank Pages
  • Number of Sheets/ Pages: 10 Sheets
  • Paper Color: White
  • Thickness: 250 GSM
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Texture: Rough
  • Size: As per selection
  • Made in France