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      Neon highlighter ink for fountain pens is an exciting product in our line of creative inks. We developed the Octopus Fluids highlighter inks to give writers the ability to highlight their notes and ideas in a sustainable and durable way.

      The neon inks are very versatile. They are not only suitable for writing with a fountain pen or nib, they can also be used as text markers and highlighters to highlight important information and bring it to the fore. Little highlight: all colours are fluorescent and start to glow under black light.

      Our Octopus Fluids Neon Inks are available in six bright colours, from classic yellow and green to pink, orange, red and a vibrant purple. These inks are perfect for creative people who want to present their notes and ideas with bright and vibrant colours that really catch the eye. And that permanently!

      That's because the colours of Octopus Neon inks stay bright and vibrant for longer due to their resistance to light. Conventional highlighters, which are usually dye-based, can quickly fade and lose their colour due to UV rays. However, the neon colours in Octopus Fluids highlighter inks are more resistant to UV rays and do not lose their brightness even after a long time. This means that writers can present their work over a long period of time without worrying about the colours fading or becoming illegible.

      The Octopus Fluids Neon Inks for fountain pens are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional highlighters. And not just because the sustainable use of fountain pens and ink converters means less plastic waste than using disposable highlighters. The pigment-based formula of Octopus Neon Ink does not use harmful chemicals, making it a safe choice for the environment. All 6 colours are made exclusively from vegan ingredients.

      Octopus Fluids highlighter inks meet all the requirements of a document-safe ink, including lightfastness, water resistance and eraser resistance.

      Don't wait any longer and give your writing that extra something! Order your octopus Neon fountain pen inks now and experience the difference!

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