Maiora Ultra Ogiva Collection


      Maiora introduces a new take on the classical Ogiva shape, with a resplendent collection honouring the elements. Dubbed the 'Ultra Ogiva' by its legendary creator, Nino Marino, the Maiora Ogiva Golden Age showcases the very best of Neapolitan craftsmanship and style.

      Recently, unveiling its new Ogiva Golden Age, Maiora preserves the tradition of Neapolitan penmaking, while taking the lead in the quest to find new materials. Featuring a cap and barrel in an Italian-made material filled with swirls of gold powder, the Golden Age reinvents a classical shape in a form that has been dubbed the 'Ultra Ogiva'. Appointed with a 925 sterling silver cap band in a Pompei inspired motif, the collection's four element-themed editions are available in two versions: A cartridge or converter filled variant, fitted with a stainless steel nib; or a numbered, piston filled variant fitted with a 14-K gold nib available in EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1mm and Flex. The collection is further accented in three finishes: gold, rose gold (for the brown only) and palladium.

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