Traveler's Company Notebook # 010 Repair Kit - Spare Colors


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This is the Repair Kit for TRAVELER’S notebook; Standard Colors with five colors of elastic bands (black, brown, camel, blue and olive) originally attached to the body of TRAVELER’S notebook.

It comes with comes with a tin based charm, 5 sets of bands, and 2 stings to use as bookmarks. If the band on your TRAVELER’S notebook gets cut or loosened, please use this to repair. TRAVELER’S notebook is made to be simple to fix and customize. We hope you will treasure and maintain notebook for many, many years.
(For both Regular and Passport sizes)


  • 5 spare band (5 colors, 1m each),
  • 2 strings (2 colors, 40cm each),
  • 1 tin fastener
  • Made in Thailand