Scrikss | Vintage 33 | Ballpoint Pen | Navy Blue-CT

Scrikss | Vintage 33 | Ballpoint Pen | Navy Blue-CT


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  • Pen - Upper and Lower Body Made of Acrylic Carbon Fiber Colour Board
  • Parker Jumbo Type Ball Point Refill, Click Mechanism, Chrome Trims
  • Pen Dimensions - Length: 139.00mm, Width: 12.00mm, Weight: 13.50g
  • CONTENTS - 1 Ball Point Pen


Scrikss is a leading Turkish manufacturer of writing instruments. The company was established in 1964 in Istanbul and has a flourishing legacy of more than 50 years. Vintage 33 is a continuation of the brand Scrikss tradition. This range is a remake of the legendary Scrikss 33, produced for the first time in 1968. It is primarily characterized by simplicity and popularity. It represents a classical product and loved by the old and new generation.